Brass-Happy Punk Rock

from the immediate future

Weird as F*CK!!!
But very good and loads of fun!

I thought you were going to be like Madness.
But you’re rock stars!

I was in Groningen, so I missed it.
But I heard it was gezellig.


YES! Our first single, Edelweiss!

A klezmerish, lightly ska-punk title song plus a whopping two B-sides: Biting Teeth and Everything Museum.
Listen to them, let us know what you think… just come to a gig and tell us if you don’t trust Facebook with your opinion.

You had your first chance of buying a real-life single CD at our Single Release Party at de Zwarte Ruiter on de Grote Markt in Den Haag, but do’nt worry: we are currently working on a webshop thingy so you don’t have to miss out.
Or you can come to any of our next gigs and buy one there.


“Brief! But all the makings of a page-turner!” – Kevin, corner bus stop.

Alpha Robot was born at an unspecific time on the Jupiter equivalent of rural Kent. He was the son of an early 80s microwave and a modern yet broken combination-oven.

He spent his childhood in a cupboard, and was only allowed out of the cupboard on his 13th birthday. When he did this he didn’t like it so retreated back to the cupboard where he stayed until last Wednesday.

In the last week he has taken up golf, learnt to ski, and turned into something of a virtuoso at 10 pin bowling. He also started a band, named after himself. The band plays brass-heavy punk-rock music. He does not play in the band himself but is their foreman and secretary. He’s learning to play the triangle and believes he’ll have mastered his skills come the third album.

Alpha Robot is a Sagittarius.

Alpha Robot is:

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